A wave of new features released in June

During June, we have released a wave of new features to our users.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Improved Add Server wizard: Our new Add Server wizard is always available on the right-hand side of your management console, and makes it simple to add new servers or drives using our pre-installed system images, ready to self-install or with custom configurations.

  • Pre-installed Windows servers: We now offer pre-installed system images for Windows Web Server 2008 to get you started as quickly as possible.

  • Private network VLANs: Customers with several servers can now interconnect these on a private network, separate from the public internet. This enables your servers to communicate entirely privately and securely, and will commonly be used to implement multi-tier architectures such as database servers behind front-end web servers. Network traffic on private network VLANs is not billed.

  • Drive duplication: Our new copy button makes it easy to duplicate any drive. You can use this for backups or to clone extra servers for a system which you have fully configured.

  • Updated pre-installed Linux servers: We have updated our Linux pre-installed system images to Debian 5.0 and Ubuntu 9.04. Of course, you can still install from our wide range of install CDs (or upload your own) for ultimate control over your configuration.

  • Bulk info API calls: We have extended our API with bulk info calls which return information all drives, servers or resources in a customer’s account. This removes the previous need to poll each object individually.

See for yourself with our free trial:

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