Level Tier 3
Certification AMS-IX
Connected via eunetworks
Address 16 Paul van Vlissingenstraat, 1096BK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Security 24×7 security guards, stringent white list access procedures, CCTV access control and magnetic card scanners
Backup and power Diesel generator backup N+1

Technical Specifications

Facility 6,000m2 of co-location space
Shared or dedicated partitioned areas
All equipment designed to a minimum n+1 configuration
Power Diverse independent power supplies
n+1 redundant powers paths independently supported
Critical power maintained by UPS systems
Power density of up to 2.0kVA per square meter
Diesel generators with onsite fuel for 48hours with 4 hours maximum delivery contract
Controlled Environment Temperature of 22º C ± 2.0º C in co-location room
Raised Floor (600mm) for spot cooling
VESDA fire detection and suppression with pre-action mist system
Network Secure, fully redundant Telco Room with diverse ducts into facility
Main Distribution Frames (MDFs) in Telco Room
Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs) in co-location rooms
Multiple Network Providers
Access to euNetworks pan-European Fiber Network
Maintenance Full PPM (Planned, Preventative Maintenance) and Change Management processes
Specialist equipment supported and maintained by supplier
Full maintenance records Support
Advanced Building Management Systems
Security Digital Access via proximity cards with full audit system
Digital video cameras monitor and record all areas
24 x 7 monitoring from central security office