Recurring billing

Here at ElasticHosts, we want to be the cloud hosting provider that’s easiest to use, and quickest to respond. So, when you told us that one of your biggest issues with ElasticHosts was the lack of recurring billing, we listened — and you can now set up recurring billing through the Control Panel. That means no more annoying reminder emails, and the comfort of knowing that your servers will never be stopped due to lack of funds. Every time your subscriptions expire, or your balance dips below the amount you configure, your card is simply charged automatically, up to a limit you also choose. How to set up recurring billing It’s straightforward to set up — just log in, go to My Account > Billing, and top up your prepay balance as usual, using a credit card. After you’ve paid and verified your card, you’ll see a new options screen: Recurring Billing  Under ‘Balance’, choose the billing options you want. For example: Automatically top up my balance by £50 every time it drops below £5, charging my stored details (up to a maximum of £250 per month). And that’s it! From now on, all your payments will be made automatically — leaving you free to get on with far more interesting things. We’ll only ever email you if you’re about to hit your upper billing limit. The gory details As those of you with e-commerce sites know, when it comes to payments, nothing is simple! So here are a few more details:

  • Price: Fear not, we don’t charge you anything for recurring billing. It’s completely free.
  • Security: We don’t store any of your credit card details — they’re all held by our secure payments provider.
  • Availability: Recurring billing is only available with credit card payments, not Google Checkout. (Sorry.)

Help us help you ElasticHosts is expanding and improving. For the next few months, we’ll be upgrading our service and adding new features. Recurring billing is just the start! We can’t do this with your feedback. So if there’s another feature you’d really like to see in ElasticHosts, please get in touch.